Complete Registration Ready:

Every semester, all CSU students make sure that the information on their RAMweb account is current and accurate. Students will update their local addresses and other contact information.

Registering for Classes – New Pathway Students:

New Pathway students will register for classes during Pathway orientation, which takes place the week before classes begin. New students will be assigned a time to register for classes on their Orientation Schedule.

After new Pathway students finish registering, Pathway advisors or teachers will review their schedule to make sure it is complete. If there are any problems, or if students have questions, a Pathway advisor will help resolve them.

Registering for Classes – Current Pathway Students:

Current Pathway students should look for e-mail messages from the Pathway advisors during the term. The advisors will ask students to schedule appointments for advising and registration at the Welcome Desk.

All INTO CSU Pathway students register for courses through RamWeb. For more information about how to register for classes on RamWeb, please consult your Pathway advisor.

Registering for Academic English Classes:

Click here for a step-by-step.

Registration Holds on Your Account:

All incoming and current Pathway students have holds on their Ramweb accounts. A hold will prevent you from registering for classes until you meet with an advisor or take care of an important issue (such as paying money or providing documents).

How to find specific information about your holds:

  • Log onto RAMweb
  • On the Home page, under the Records section, click on Holds
  • The Holds page will tell you what kinds of holds you have and who to contact about clearing them

Below is a list of common holds that you may see on your account. Every hold will have a phone number associated with it. When you call the phone number, you can ask why you have the hold and what you can do to clear it.

Hold Type Explanation
Advising – INTO CSU All new students have this advising hold.  The advising hold will be lifted the day that you register for classes.

Current students also have this advising hold.  Current students need to schedule an appointment with a Pathway advisor at the Welcome Desk if they want to register for a new class, change a class, drop a class, or withdraw from a class.

Important:  The Advising hold stays on Pathway student account until they finish Pathway and progress to CSU.

INTO Financial The INTO Financial hold is placed on Pathway students who need to either pay a bill or get a refund. Students should contact the Welcome Desk and ask to talk to the INTO CSU financial coordinator for details.  You cannot register for classes if you have a financial hold.
INTO Outstanding Condition The INTO Outstanding Condition hold appears on Pathway students’ accounts when there is a condition that must be met prior to or during the Pathway program (such as complete a specific course).

For information about the specific requirement that must be met, make an appointment with a Pathway Advisor at the Welcome Desk.

INTO Official Academic Documents The INTO Official Academic Documents hold is placed for Pathway students who have not yet provided official and complete academic documents (transcripts and certificate showing completion of diploma) to the INTO CSU office.

Documents submitted to an agent are not sent to INTO CSU.  Official documents must be submitted by the student to INTO CSU.  Contact INTO CSU for details.

INTO Official TOEFL The INTO Official TOEFL hold is placed on accounts for Pathway students who have a sufficient TOEFL or IELTS score, but who have not yet sent the official score report to CSU.  (The school code for CSU is 4075.)  For more information, contact the INTO CSU Welcome Desk.
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Important Note: Some CSU courses schedule special times for exams for courses in large lecture halls. Check both your syllabus and your course schedule in RAMweb to identify these courses.