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Academic English (AE)

The Academic English program at INTO Colorado State University is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) and prepares international students for university study in the US. Three semesters a year are offered; 14-week semesters in Fall and Spring, and one 12-week semester in the Summer. This academically rigorous program provides international students with high-quality English language instruction and the academic skills to succeed at CSU through the development of:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Academic study skills
AE Start Dates

Estimated Academic English Level Based on Test Scores

All students take a placement test during Orientation to determine their AE level. The table below shows your estimated level of AE based off your standardized test scores.

To learn more about Placement Exams, visit:

English Foundations Program

(Mid-Semester Start Dates Available)

INTO CSU offers an English Foundations program for students who require more support before entering the full Academic English program. Our professional instructors help improve a student’s English proficiency and prepare students to retake the English placement test to determine their Academic English level or entry to a Pathway in the following semester.

  • Foundations 1 – Low Beginner English Level (Semester and mid-semester intakes)
  • Foundations 2 – Intermediate Beginner English Level (Semester and mid-semester intakes)
  • Foundations 3 – High Beginner English Levels and above (Mid-semester intakes)

Progression Requirements:

International Year One 3-Semester Pathway – Completion of Academic English Level 2 with a minimum 75% in all graded courses

International Year One 2-Semester Pathway – Completion of Academic English Level 3 with a minimum 75% in all graded courses

International Year One 1-Semester Pathway/ Undergraduate Transfer Program – Completion of Academic English Level 3 with a minimum 80% in all graded courses

Direct Undergraduate Admission – Completion of Academic English Level 3 with a minimum 85% in all graded courses

Graduate 2-Semester Pathway – Completion of Academic English Level 3 with a minimum 75% in all graded courses

Graduate 1-Semester Pathway – Completion of Academic English Level 3 with a minimum 85% in all graded courses

Direct Graduate Admission – Departments generally request a TOEFL or IELTS score, although individual program entry requirements vary

Conversation Partners

The Conversation Partner Program gives you the opportunity to meet with native or very advanced English speakers once a week to practice your English listening and speaking skills. Conversation partner volunteers may be CSU students, CSU faculty/staff, or Fort Collins community members.

In this program, you will talk with conversation partners about many different topics each week, such as travel, hobbies, food, or other topics related to your classes. By the end of the term, you should feel more comfortable communicating in English and will have made new friends.

In the Academic English (AE) program, conversation partner volunteers join Levels 1 and 2 listening/speaking classes once a week for four weeks during each AE term.

AE Testimonial

Exams, Grades, and Certificate of Completion

Exams – The last week of Academic English (week 14 in the fall and spring, week 12 in the summer) is final exams week. Students do not have class during this week. Final exams are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of final exam week. Final exams MUST be taken during the scheduled times. Final exams WILL NOT be offered before or after final exam week. Find more information here:

Grades – Academic English (AE) courses are graded as Satisfactory (S) / Unsatisfactory (U) (Pass/Fail). You must achieve an S in all courses of a level in order to move up to the next level.

Certificate of Completion -When a student passes all of their classes in Level 3 at 75% (either outright or through an appeal), the student will receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate does not guarantee entry into Colorado State University; Students wanting to progress to CSU must pass their classes with a minimum percentage dependent on their target degree. Students who take classes but do not finish the Academic English Program (i.e. they do not complete Level 3) can receive a Certificate of Attendance.

International Year One (IYO)

International Year One Brochure – View an overview of INTO CSU’s International Year One programs

International Year One allows you to begin earning credits toward your degree even if you don’t meet the academic and English requirements for direct entry. You will receive additional support to help you be successful through your first year at CSU and graduate in the same amount of time as direct entry students. Depending on your English language scores, you’ll enter International Year One through a 1-Semester, 2-Semester or 3-Semester program.

IYO Start Dates

If you do not meet the direct or International Year One entry requirements, you can enter our Academic English program to improve your academic and language skills. Once you have achieved the required language level, you can progress to International Year One or enter your degree program directly.

IYO Entry Requirements
Undergraduate Degree Program Progression

Undergraduate Transfer Program (UTP)

Have you earned credits from another college or university and want to transfer to Colorado State University? You can transfer directly into CSU or choose our Undergraduate Transfer Program (UTP) which is specifically designed to support international students through the process of transferring.

IYO/UTP Start Dates

There are many benefits to choosing a UTP including:

• Transfer of credits from your college or university-level classes to your degree
• Unofficial Pre-Arrival Credit Evaluation (15 business days after receiving offer letter)
• Receive customized curriculum of university credit-bearing courses
• Quick turnaround time for offer (5-7 business days)
• Guaranteed progression to any undergraduate program upon successful completion of your UTP
• Academic advising throughout the program including progression and student success advisors
• Scholarships available to qualified students

Program Key Facts:

• Start Dates: Fall and Spring
• Length: 1-Semester or 2-Semester
• Minimum GPA: 2.5
• English Requirements: 1-Semester: TOEFL iBT 75-79 or IELTS 6.0-6.5; 2-Semester: TOEFL iBT 60 or IELTS 5.5

Attendance and Classroom Behavior:

INTO CSU expects Pathway students will attend all class sessions (EAP and CSU), and arrive before class starts. Any appointments, including appointments at INTO CSU, should be made outside regular class meeting times. If students must miss a class, they should do the following:

  • Check the class Canvas website for homework assignments and any postings for class content covered that day
  • Submit homework on time
  • Contact the teacher in advance if you want to ask for special consideration (such as extending a homework deadline or taking a makeup test)

IMPORTANT!  Instructors are not required to extend deadlines or give makeup tests, even if a student misses class due to illness.  Review the course syllabus to see if the instructor has specific rules regarding absences.

Establishing a good relationship with your professor and your fellow students is one of the most important goals of an American college education. A good relationship begins with how people perceive you in the classroom. Below are some helpful tips on how students are expected to behave during class sessions:

  • Arrive before class starts and be ready to participate
  • Pay attention to the person speaking in class, whether it is the instructor or a classmate during class discussions
  • DO NOT have side conversations with other students
  • Be willing to take chances, ask questions, and take part in class discussions – the professors and your classmates are there to help each other in the classroom


Students should monitor their assignment and test grades in Canvas. If you think an error was made, politely ask the instructor or teacher’s assistant to check the grade.

Final grades for all Pathway courses are issued by professors at the end of the semester. Students can access their final grades on RamWeb by following these steps:

  1. Log on to RamWeb (
  2. Find the category labeled “Records.”
  3. Click on “Grades.”
  4. Once on that screen, click on the term for which you would like to see your grades.


  • It is the student’s responsibility to know when final exams are scheduled.
  • The last week of the term (Week 16) is for final exams.
  • All students are expected to stay on campus through the date of their last final exam. DO NOT schedule a flight home before your last final exam.
  • There are no regular classes during the week of final exams.
  • Each class will have a designated room and time for a final exam. It may not be the same time or room as your regular class.
  • Your instructors will include information on final exams on the syllabi.
  • For additional information about final exams, you can click on the following link:

Changes to Pathway Program:

Sometimes Pathway students want to talk to someone about changing their program or dropping a class that is challenging for them. If you feel this way, make an appointment with a Pathway Advisor.  The advisors will listen to you and discuss your best options.

Below are some questions to consider when you talk to a Pathway Advisor about making changes to your Pathway Program.  The Pathway Advisor will also consult people in Immigration, Admissions and Finance if their input is needed.

1. If a class is difficult, will a tutor or study group help? Will changing your study habits help?  Will visiting an instructor during office hours help?
2. Will dropping a class or changing your program affect your progression to CSU?
3. Will the changes you want to make have an effect on other classes you want to take in the future?
4. Will making changes affect your immigration status? International undergraduate students need to be enrolled in at least 12 credits each semester.
5. There are deadlines for dropping or withdrawing from a CSU class. There are also limitations on how many times a class can be repeated for a better grade.

Make an appointment with an advisor right away if you are having problems in a class. Advisors are here to help you!


Pathway Advisors will review the application process for undergraduate progression to CSU in the EAP151 classes. You can find progression requirements for each International Year One program here:

Once you are accepted to CSU, make sure to meet with your new advisor and evaluate your Composition Placement status. Find more information here:

Graduate Pathway (GPW)

Graduate Pathways Brochure – View an overview of INTO CSU’s Graduate Pathway programs

Our Graduate Pathway program will give you the academic foundation, essential language skills and GMAT/GRE test preparation to successfully move on to your master’s or doctoral degree. You’ll receive the highest level of personal care and support throughout your program. We offer a 1-Semester and 2-Semester option, depending on your English language level and academic preparedness.

GPW Start Dates

If you do not meet the direct or Graduate Pathway entry requirements you can enter our Academic English program to improve your academic and language skills. Once you have achieved the required language level, you can progress to a Graduate Pathway program or enter your degree program directly.

GPW Entry Requirements
Start Dates for Graduate Pathway Programs
GPW Testimonial

Checking E-mail:

All Pathway students should check their e-mail every day for important messages from INTO, CSU and their teachers. Check ALL e-mail messages. Many messages do not start with your individual name because they are sent to groups of students. All messages are important.

Graduate Pathway students can check their e-mail in the following way:

  • Go to the CSU Resources webpage and click on Email/Office 365 under the Faculty and Staff column.
  • Special Note: Graduate Students enrolled at CSU use a different e-mail system from the undergraduate students. If you were a student in the Academic English program, you will need to check this new e-mail site in order to see e-mail sent to you as a Pathway Graduate student.


Pathway Advisors will review the application process for graduate progression to CSU in the EAP152 and EAP153 classes. You can find progression requirements for each Graduate Pathway program here:

Once you are accepted to CSU, make sure to meet with your new CSU advisor, make sure that you are registered for the next semester, update your immigration status, and provide a new financial statement.

*See IYO section above for information on Grades, Finals and Changes to Pathway Program.

GPW Progression Requirements