All students starting their Pathway programs must attend Orientation activities the week before classes begin. This includes new Pathway students and students progressing from Academic English to Pathways.

What is Orientation?

Orientation prepares you to start your academic program. During Orientation you will:

  • Meet INTO CSU teachers, staff, and other students
  • Get a CSU email and computer password
  • Take a placement exam
  • Make sure your medical records are up to date
  • Make sure your immigration documents are correct
  • Get a University ID card
  • Learn about CSU and Fort Collins rules and resources
  • Learn about the requirements of your academic program
  • Register for classes

You must attend Orientation or you will not be able to register for classes.

Executive Director at Orientation

What should you bring to Orientation?


You will need official documents to complete some of the processes during Orientation. If you do not have these documents you may be delayed in registering for classes.

During your Orientation you must bring:

  • Your immigration documents: Passport, Visa, I-20
  • Your medical documents with the history of your immunizations
  • Your official academic documents

What if I miss the first day of Orientation?

Sometimes travel does not go smoothly and your plane is delayed. If you arrive in the US after your Orientation has started you must come to a Late Arrival Session. Come to the lobby of Spruce Hall at 9:00 am the day after you arrive. We will have staff available to help you so you can register for classes on time.


*Near the end of Orientation Week there will be meetings for all new Pathway students called Introduction to Pathway. All new Pathway students must attend these meetings. Check the Orientation Schedule in your welcome packet. We will talk about several topics during the Introduction to Pathway meetings that will help you to succeed as a student in your Pathway program and at CSU.

Entrance Parmelee Hall
Cerine Khoo