From INTO CSU to MBA student, meet Joey from Thailand

Why did you want to come to Colorado?

“I wanted to see snow, so I came here. In Thailand we don’t have snow. I’ve been to many countries so I was supposed to see snow but I didn’t. I don’t know why. Maybe because of my luck? I’ve been to New Zealand, Japan, South Korea… which means I’m supposed to see snow somewhere but, I hadn’t seen it yet. Now my hobby is snowboarding.”

How did you handle the language barrier and how did you overcome it?

“I was lucky to have Christine as my professor, my teacher. She taught me many things about English and culture here and what I’m supposed to do when I get into the real classes, the CSU classes. She is just really supportive. She helped me with many things. She understands what international students need to face. Sometimes I say something and pronounce it wrong and she gets it, which is good and she corrects me. I think that helped a lot – when a native speaker corrects your words.”

What were some of your favorite classes at CSU?

“I don’t remember the exact name, I took it last semester. It’s about marketing. Most of the time we study about marketing strategy and we get to do some case study from Harvard Business School, which is fun and we learn a lot of things. I liked the marketing class. It gives me perspective of marketing and I’m like okay, this is the thing I want to do in the future for five years, and then I hope I will have enough experience to start my own business.”

What is the biggest piece of advice you want to give to future students?

“I suggest that they be open-minded because the culture here will be so different from your home country and you need to be open for everything. Also, if you want to improve your English the best way to do it is to take everything in English, feed your brain with English songs, English shows, everything, listen to the English news. It’s a skill that you will use in college anyway. Make friends with native speakers.”

What is your favorite thing about living in Fort Collins?

“The environment and the people, they are nice here. I’ve been to many states and compared to there the people are kinder, the city is peaceful and I like it. I think I made the right choice to come here to Fort Collins.”