On-Campus Housing

Parmelee Hall

Undergraduate Students

Parmelee Hall (Global Village)

  • Suite-Style Residence Halls
  • Two people per room
  • Each room has a sink, vanity, and two twin-sized beds
  • Two rooms share a connecting bathroom with a shower and toilet

*You are required to live on-campus your first two semesters

Parmelee Suit-Style Double Room

Graduate Students

  • Community-Style Residence Halls
  • Double Rooms available
  • Each room has a study desk, chair, wardrobe, and 2-drawer dressers
  • Centralized bathroom on each floor
  • Each room has two twin-sized beds


University Village Apartments

  • Furnished or unfurnished
  • Utilities included, wahser/dryer hookups, on-site parking permits
  • 2-bedroom units
  • Resident- and family-focused programs

*The living expenses of on-campus housing include a university meal plan – typically 14 meals per week. For more information on housing and dining at CSU, visit: housing.colostate.edu

University Village
University Village
Westfall Community-Style Double Room
Westfall Hall
Westfall Hall

Off-Campus Housing

Fort Collins Rent Prices

Undergraduate students over 21 years old, graduate students, and Academic English students have the option to live off-campus.


The Off-Campus Life Office provides many services for students who are not living in CSU housing, including events to find roommates and housing. Learn more about housing at: www.intostudy.com/csu/housing

*Rent ranges are monthly costs per apartment, and apartment occupancy varies from 1-3 students

Global Village

Global Village
Global Village Asian Night

Live and Learn

As an International Year One student, you will have the benefit of living in the residence halls and participating in the Global Village. As part of the Global Village Learning Community, you get to live and learn with students from around the world and share your culture and your story.

As a Graduate or Academic English student, you have the option to live on campus, as well as benefit from:

  • Practicing English with your peers
  • Gaining support from a mentor, tutor and community coordinator to help you transition into US living
  • Participating in activities designed to develop academic success, creating cultural connections and understanding, and building leadership skills in a diverse world
  • Forming long-lasting friendships, discovering new cultures, and understanding what it means to be a part of a global community

Housing Tips


In the City of Fort Collins there is a law known as “U + 2.” This means that you can only live with two other people who are not related to you. If more than three people live in a house or apartment, you must all be related. You can get in trouble and pay large fines if you break this rule. This website explains the rule.


Picking the right roommate is an extremely important decision and should be given careful consideration. If major issues arise and a roommate moves out without replacing their room, the remaining roommates are responsible for that person’s share of the rent and damages. Tenants are responsible for rent until the lease has expired, or in most cases, until the premises are re-rented.

Roommate Conflict Help

If you are having problems with another CSU student, you can contact Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services at (970) 491–7165. You can also visit these website for more help.


A security deposit is money you pay your landlord before moving into a property. It is required by a landlord from a renter to cover possible damages to rental property. For extensive information refer to this link: http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/consumer/09903.html

Rental Insurance

Renters Insurance is a great tool to use to protect your belongings against the most unpredictable mishaps. For more information, visit: http://www.ocl.colostate.edu/Data/Sites/1/images/websiteimages/rentersinsurance.pdf