Conditional Admission at Colorado State University

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What is Conditional Admission?

Conditional admission at Colorado State University means you have a strong academic foundation for success at CSU but need to improve your English skills before you can be enrolled full time in CSU academic classes. We can help you!

How Do I Clear My Admission?

To clear your admission to begin your degree program, you must complete one of the following options:

  1. Complete the INTO CSU Academic English Program (Option 1, below) OR
  2. Submit official TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, ACT or SAT minimum scores for clear admission (Learn more here:

Completing the INTO CSU Academic English Program

The INTO CSU Academic English program provides English language instruction, academic preparation, and personal support. You are guaranteed admission to the INTO CSU Academic English program; a separate INTO CSU application is not needed.

  1. Plan to arrive at CSU one week before the start of the academic term in order to complete mandatory orientation and English placement activities.
    • You will be enrolled in INTO CSU Academic English classes that fit your English skill level.
    • While you are an INTO CSU student, you will receive ongoing support from an academic advisor who will help you understand how to clear your admission.
  2. Complete the Academic English program to clear the conditions of your admission.
    • Most conditionally-admitted students complete the Academic English program in 1-2 semesters (one full academic year). After you clear your admission, you can enroll full-time in CSU academic courses to complete your undergraduate degree.

For more information, refer to, email or call +1 (970) 492-4686.

*If you choose to take Academic English at INTO CSU, please attend INTO CSU’s Orientation, which you can find information for here:

Key steps for conditionally admitted students who plan to enroll in INTO CSU Academic English:

  • Confirm your interest in Academic English by emailing,
  • Work with CSU housing to arrange housing on or off campus
  • Review the Next Steps for Admitted Students on the admissions site – read carefully since some steps vary for conditionally admitted students preparing for INTO CSU
  • Watch your email for updates from Admissions and pre-arrival information from INTO CSU as the start of the term approaches

Next Steps for Admitted International Students

After clearing admission, all newly admitted students must complete these steps to prepare for CSU:

Pre-Arrival Support for Conditionally Admitted Students

INTO CSU is ready to welcome you as soon as you get to campus. Find more information about pre-arrival for INTO CSU students here:

Orientation GV

What’s unique for conditional admits enrolling through INTO CSU?

  • I-20 will be issued by the university (watch for instructions from Admissions and ISSS)
  • $300 enrollment deposit is paid to the university and no deposit is required for INTO CSU
  • INTO CSU offers transportation support upon arrival
  • You’ll complete INTO CSU orientation now and university orientation once you complete the Academic English program


Learn more about the support, resources and opportunities for conditionally admitted students studying through INTO CSU.