Welcome to INTO CSU


Congratulations on your acceptance to INTO CSU!


You’re invited to join the INTO CSU program to earn direct admission. INTO CSU offers a variety of programs designed to strengthen your academic and English skills in preparation for direct admission to CSU. Here are the highlights of enrolling through INTO CSU:

  • You will improve your English language skills.
  • You will take CSU courses that may be applied to a degree from Colorado State University.
  • You will receive extra academic and personal support to ensure a smooth transition to Colorado State University.
  • Once you successfully complete an INTO CSU Pathway program, you will be admitted directly to Colorado State University.

Acceptance to INTO CSU is separate from admission to Colorado State University. Once you have successfully completed an INTO CSU Pathway program, you’ll complete an abbreviated application process to secure your position in a CSU degree-seeking program.

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Get In Touch

We look forward to continuing to work with you while you complete an INTO CSU program. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about INTO CSU programs by emailing INTOadmissions@colostate.edu, calling+1 (970) 492-4686, or visiting: https://into.colostate.edu/programs/

What To Do Next?

Confirm your place at INTO CSU!

You will receive an offer letter with information that will allow you to complete the following steps:

  1. Review, sign and submit the Study Plan Acceptance Form
  2. Pay any required deposit as detailed on the Estimated Statement of Fees page
  3. Return any documents as outlined in the Documents Required for Confirmation page
  4. Complete and sign the Housing Preference Form if applicable

Once you have completed items 1-4 we will email you a confirmation packet which includes immigration information, a Statement of Account and other important information about your plan of study, progression and arrival.