INTO CSU SocialWiz Team Introduction

We are thrilled to welcome aboard our new INTO Colorado State University (INTO CSU) SocialWiz team. Here to answer all your student-facing questions and give you the inside scoop through our multiple social channels, the team consists of five unique, upbeat Social Media Student Ambassadors from various parts of the world.

All current or matriculated INTO CSU students, Yibei from China, Malik from Saudi Arabia, Peak from Thailand, Aditya from Indonesia and Victoria from Indonesia help to cover events from a student perspective and maintain our Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories. In an attempt to provide more real-time, student savvy content and relate to prospective students around the globe, the SocialWiz team connects with users using their own hashtag: #SocialWiz.


In an appeal to the next generation of digital socialites searching for their ideal university abroad, our SocialWiz team is  instrumental in maintaining prominence within the social landscape, while diversifying CSU from other universities across the US. They help to increase awareness and open up conversations, allowing for social engagement and organic connections to flourish, ultimately increasing INTO CSU’s overall outcomes.

Yibei, China
Malik, Saudi Arabia
Peak, Thailand
Aditya, Indonesia
Victoria, Indonesia

“INTO is like home! I am an INTO Ambassador and part of the SocialWiz team, and I am looking forward to this semester more and more!  Our students seem to enjoy the food and fun activities that INTO Student Ambassadors provide during events and I am happy to take snapchats for social media.” – Yibei, China

“I’m still studying the language now, but after that I would like to complete my master’s in Food Sciences and Nutrition at CSU. The teachers at INTO are unique and want to help the students, and the people are so friendly. I am part of the SocialWiz Team and the team members are my favorite part.” – Malik, Saudi Arabia

“INTO is a great community to start making friends. Our SocialWiz team gathers together every week to talk, share stories and have fun! If there are opportunities offered to you, grab them and be like me in the SocialWiz team. You won’t regret it.” – Peak, Thailand

“I like the environment here. I feel home here and INTO helped me to get adjusted with the school environment in a short time. I know how to interact in class or outside the class. I have a solid SocialWiz team and great team leader, and I learned how to work in a diverse environment with different cultures.” – Aditya, Indonesia

“The classes and events at INTO have really helped me to be socially and culturally aware of who I am and others. I am currently working as an INTO Ambassador, and I am the secretary of COISA and the treasurer/secretary in PERMIAS Indonesia. In the SocialWiz team, I really like taking snaps/photos to Instagram stories during INTO events!” – Victoria, Indonesia