INTO CSU: Meet Yibei, a Student Ambassador from China

What year are you at CSU and what are you studying?

“This is my third year at CSU and I’m a junior majoring in English since I’ve always liked to read.”

What’s the most important lesson you have learned studying abroad in the US?

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned studying abroad is to stop worrying about what people think about you speaking another language, because nobody cares that you speak another language. Most people think it’s pretty impressive.”

What’s your favorite part of INTO CSU?

“I work at the front desk as a student ambassador for INTO CSU, and even though I never went to school here, I think people are pretty interesting. You can chat with them and build connections.”

What do you like to do in your free time outside of class?

“I like to run a lot. It’s also a new hobby that I have practiced since I came to the US. I really encourage the new students to try a new hobby here, because it’s never too late to start. It can be reading, writing or dancing; everyone has their way of finding their new interest here.”

What’s your advice for students to be successful?

“For the people who attend INTO CSU, I think that if they seek out the resources that they have, which is a lot, they are going to be very successful with their school work and get to know many people from other countries.”