INTO CSU: Meet Peak, an Engineering student from Thailand

Why did you originally choose to study at CSU?

“I was looking at different universities at that time and when I looked at CSU I liked the environment of this place. I think that it suits my interests because I used to go to high school in New Zealand and CSU is probably the one that is closest to it.”

What surprised you the most about studying at CSU?

“I think the people here, they are friendlier than I thought they would be. I’ve never been here before, to study, and I expected it to be a challenging experience for me, but it turned out to be really nice.”

How has the Pathway program helped you as a CSU student?

“The Pathway program introduced me to many other international students who are in the same boat as me. We are all struggling at this point, but we are learning together and we kind of get to know more about each other. I think that’s the best thing.”

Favorite things about INTO CSU?

“My favorite thing is meeting people in Spruce Hall. Spruce Hall is not only a place to learn, but a place to meet your international friends.”

What organizations are you involved with on campus?

“I’m part of the Global Village right now and I’m part of the Thai student organization. I’m currently with two groups, but I’m thinking of joining more because there are plenty of organizations, and all of them made me feel welcome at CSU.”

What do you do in your free time outside of the classroom?

“I like photography. I normally go around and take photos of random stuff and come back and edit the photos on the weekend. My first semester I was all about hiking on the weekend. I would just go hiking, and enjoy some time outside with my friends.”

Would you recommend INTO CSU to other students?

“I would recommend the INTO program to new international students because it’s a very good and useful way to get them to start learning and adapting to the culture.”

What goals do you have for the future?

“After I finish my program I’ll move on to being a full-time student and after I finish my degree I’m planning to maybe look for internship opportunities or find a job here for awhile before I go back home.”

What advice do you want to give to future INTO CSU students?

“I would say step out of your comfort zone and start looking for opportunities at CSU, because there are plenty of them that you can find. Also, you don’t have to stay with your friends from your country, you can go make friends from different countries and enjoy your time here.”


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