Academic Resources


What is academic advising?

Academic advising helps you create and implement a plan to advance and achieve your academic goals. You will meet with a Pathway advisor multiple times throughout the semester to discuss your courses, your progress in your courses, resources that can assist you with achieving your academic goals, and other academic concerns.  Specifically, Academic Advisors:

  • Advise students on strategies for doing well in their classes
  • Advise students on the best course path for them to complete Pathway
  • Help students understand progression requirements to CSU
  • Help students start the application process to CSU
  • Explain requirements for students at CSU
  • Advise students on making changes to their Pathway programs (course changes, adds, drops, withdrawals)

How do I make an academic advising appointment?

You can make an appointment with a Pathway advisor by calling the INTO CSU Welcome Desk (970-492-4686) and asking for an appointment, or you can go to the Welcome Desk in Spruce Hall and make an appointment in person.

Who is the Pathway advisor?

Robert White
Robert White

Preparing for an academic advising appointment

You will get the most out of your advising appointment by:

  • Creating a list of questions in advance.
  • Knowing that you are responsible for achieving your academic objectives.
  • Getting familiar with academic resources that can assist you in achieving your goals.


Tutoring Services and Study Groups

INTO CSU hires tutors specifically for students in the Pathway program.  These students are strong in the topics that they tutor, and most of them are former Pathway students who understand the challenges of the classes you are attending. In addition, CSU has a wide variety of tutoring services and study groups open to all students.  Study groups are an excellent way to get help from other students in your classes – AND a great opportunity to practice your English speaking and listening. Just like with classes, students get the greatest benefit from tutoring and study groups if they prepare in advance and participate actively.


CSU Tutoring Services

Below is a list of resources on campus. Your Pathway Advisor can help you identify the best resources for your needs and the course:

  • TILT Study Groups: Students who want to meet regularly for study sessions on a class can join a study group led by students. Click here for more information.
  • Writing Center: The CSU Writing Center offers free consultations for students for any class and for any stage in the writing process. For more information, click on the Writing Center’s website.

Note:  The Writing Center will not correct your grammar errors, but will help you to understand and correct them on your own.


How to Prepare for Tutors and Study Groups

The success of your tutoring session depends on you.  Have a positive attitude, be eager to learn new things, and prepare ahead of time.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Attend course lectures and review text material on your own.
  • Bring your textbook, course syllabus, slides from the lecture, and any worksheets associated with your assignment.
  • Do your homework before seeing the tutor and identify areas in which you most need help.
  • Prepare specific questions and objectives for your tutoring sessions.
  • Be an active learner during the tutoring session.
  • Ask questions until you are confident you understand the material.
  • Don’t just watch your tutors solving problems on the board. Stand alongside of them; work the problems out together.
  • Keep notes of your tutor’s explanations, answers, and clarifications. Add them to your lecture notes to study for exams.

DO NOT ask the tutor to tell you the answer or do the assignment for you.

DO NOT text, check your phone, check your e-mail, go on Facebook/YouTube/etc. during a tutoring session or study group.  Your focus is working with the other people.

Tutoring 2
TILT Building
The Institute for Learning and Teaching
TILT Building Inside
TILT Building
Tutoring 1

Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) located in Spruce 215 at INTO CSU is a computer and media lab and open study environment for international students. Students can take advantage of the lab’s extensive resources to help them successfully complete their coursework outside of class. The LRC has over 30 desktop computers and laptops for student use as well as access to a photocopier, printers, and a scanner. The LRC also has an extensive library of books, audio CDs, and DVDs, as well as copies of all textbooks used in the program. Students will also find a quiet study room to do homework, email or Skype, visit the Writing Tutor, find other tutoring options, or simply relax between classes. Supportive staff are always available to assist students with technology and media materials.


INTO CSU Terms & Conditions

The INTO CSU terms and conditions set out the terms that apply between INTO CSU, Colorado State University, and students in relation to all INTO CSU programs. INTO CSU terms and conditions can be found at


University Regulations, Policies & Procedures

All students are bound by the regulations, policies and procedures of the University as amended from time to time. These can be found at:


CSU Student Conduct Code

Colorado State University expects students to maintain standards of personal integrity in harmony with its educational goals; to be responsible for their actions; to observe national, state, local laws, and University regulations; and to respect the rights, privileges, and property of other people. The Student Conduct Code defines University intervention or disciplinary action related to the behavior of both individual students and Student Organizations. For more information and to view the Student Conduct Code visit


Housing & Dining Services

Students living in University accommodations are required to abide by the terms and conditions of the University Housing Contract, as well as the Housing & Dining Services Policies and Procedures available at:


Privacy (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits an educational institution from releasing confidential, non-directory information about a student without the student’s consent. In keeping with CSU, INTO CSU complies with FERPA. This means that no information about your student records may be shared with anyone, including a parent or spouse, without your expressed consent. A consent form is available in the INTO CSU office if you would like to give a relative access to your educational records.


Student Appeals & Complaints

If a disagreement, issue or complaint arises with a course, an instructor, a member of the INTO team, or other person associated with INTO CSU, you should first try to discuss and resolve the issue directly and informally with the other person. If you do not receive the satisfaction that the issue was resolved fairly, you may file a formal complaint by completing and submitting a Student Complaint Form. The Student Complaint Form is available at the Welcome Desk in Spruce Hall. The complaint will be formally investigated and brought to resolution.

INTO CSU Achievement Scale

Click here to view the INTO CSU Achievement Scale.