INTO CSU Orientation and what it’s like for Chinese students

Student Interview: Cerine Khoo

Degree: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Year: Junior

Cerine Khoo

What was your role in Orientation this year, both in preparation for and during?

“My role for both preparation and during orientation this year is as a student ambassador.”

What are some things students do during Orientation week?

“Students joined Students Association in CSU from their own country,  it is extremely important for them to join their own association from their origin as they will feel more homed and blend in to the new environment.”

How was your experience helping with Orientation as a Student Ambassador compared to your own experience as an incoming student? What was the same? What was different?

“During my orientation, I was scared and lost but now as a student ambassador I got to understand how they feel and was able to help them out based on my past experiences as a new student. In the past, I did not get as much help from CSU Orientation as a new transfer student, yet INTO CSU provides a better support in helping students with every aspect, such as Ram check and class registration. However, the similarities of the past CSU orientation and INTO CSU orientation include social events and immigration talks that were organized by the school.”

Why do you think Orientation is so important for incoming INTO CSU students? In what ways does it help students prepare for living and studying at CSU?

“It is absolutely important for incoming INTO CSU students to join orientation as it helps them to have a better transition to CSU and the United States. For example, immigration and housing talks could help students prepare to live and study at CSU as they will have a better idea of the rules and laws.”

What are the benefits of Orientation specifically as a Chinese-speaking student? Do you think these are different than those of students from other origins?

“Even though I am a Chinese speaker, I do not practice it as much I used to be when I am here. Hence, during orientation I will not only be able to help students in transitioning to a new environment, but I also got the chance to practice my Chinese speaking. However, this is the privilege I had as I can better mix with them.”

What do you find are the biggest thing Chinese students struggle with when they get here?

“Language will always be a challenge for international students especially Chinese students.”

What does Orientation do to help with these struggles and what are some things that could be done better or incorporated into future Orientations?

“Despite language as the biggest issue, students will still able to get necessary paperwork done as we are here for them. On the other hand, we should ensure students follow their schedule in future orientation so that they won’t miss out on any important information.”

Overall, what can students do during Orientation week to help set themselves up for success during their time at CSU? Why is Orientation week so important for this?

“Orientation is specifically created to prepare students in setting themselves up for success during their time at CSU. Orientation week is so important as it helps new students to own the abilities of troubleshooting most of the issues they might be facing at CSU. Overall, INTO CSU provides excellent programs and helps prepare new students before school starts throughout the Orientation week. New students should take Orientation seriously to help themselves succeed during their time at CSU.”