INTO CSU Student Testimonial: Cristian from Ecuador

Student Testimonial: Cristian Méndez

Program: Undergraduate Engineering Pathway

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2019

Cristian from Ecuador

What made you choose INTO CSU?

“I chose INTO CSU because it sounded like the coolest program I could ever be in.”

What is your favorite part of INTO CSU?

“What I like about INTO CSU is the main office when all the students are gathered. We go there and just chill and have fun with the rest of the international students. We all come from different cultures, so the fact that we can join in on conversations and share everything we have from our own culture, it is really fulfilling.”

What do you like about CSU?

“I’m studying everything I like, getting a lot of knowledge, background, and foundations in math and engineering that will help me build a better resumé.”

What do you like about the campus at CSU?

“I like the campus because it is very quiet, it is super nice, wonderful, and has a lot of space, whether it is for sitting down and meditating or to enjoy some nature activities. When I get a chance, I go to the dining halls in all of campus which have a lot of variety of food and super delicious. Another thing I do is go to every residence hall. I can play pool, I can play table tennis. I can make a lot more friends from difference backgrounds and different majors. Another of my favorite places to be on campus is the rec center, which is where I can go and exercise. I can relax and forget about school for a couple of hours.”

What do you like about Fort Collins?

“What I enjoy the most about Fort Collins is Old Town because I can go there with my friends and visit some of the shopping stores. There is a variety of restaurants and variety of food.”

What do you like to do on your free time?

“I like to go to laser tag and a lot of things like trampoline jumping, bowling, and indoor soccer. I also enjoy going to sports activities, and being involved in hiking and going to the mountains and enjoying the views and sights we have.”